NLP Coaching

The unconscious mind is a powerful part of you. It’s where your thoughts, your behaviours, your thinking, your memories, your habits, in fact your entire model of the world lives. It has taken in every detail of everything you have ever seen, done, heard, smelled, tasted.

I offer (please follow the links for more information):

The most powerful tool in the world is the human brain, but most people don’t know how to use this amazing tool effectively. With tools such as NLP, mind training and life coaching we can use our brains in the most useful ways to achieve powerful outcomes in our personal and professional lives.

NLP wellness coaching, NLP life coaching and Time Line Therapy™ (follow these links for more information) are extremely effective tools that will help you to resolve any issues you choose to work through. They’re proven techniques which can be used to help you change your behaviour and, importantly, change your thinking. We can use these tools to explore your goals, establish plans of action and make necessary changes in your approach, and you can begin to develop greater flexibility, satisfaction, and achievement in your personal and working life. Through just a few sessions, you can learn to start transforming life’s stresses into opportunities to enhance your personal growth.

Is there something you really want to do, something you really want to achieve but somehow, you just can’t? If you have a significant challenge in your life, a personal breakthrough coaching session will be exactly what you need.

With skilled coaching you can choose to be more successful, happier, healthier.

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Coaching sessions take place at the Kingsmoor Clinic in Kingston Bagpuize. 

Please contact me to book your first sessions, or to arrange a short informal and confidential chat if you’re unsure whether NLP coaching is for you.