Functional movement coaching

As a child we could squat down to play (or poop!), we could read lying on our bellies with our head supported in our hands or do roly polys and cartwheels and headstands all without pain or difficulty. Our bodies had not learned the restricted patterns we develop in later life.

In this modern world the natural movement of our bodies, the movement we were born with, is under threat and sometimes even lost. Lots of sitting, motorway driving, computer use, mobile phones, modern footwear and even clothing restrict the natural free movement of our bodies. Weโ€™ve become tight and twisted and painful.

Functional movement classes are all about regaining that joy of free movement once again.

Everything is connected, right from the crown of our heads to the tips of our toes. Tightness in the neck, wrists or ankles can have have a huge impact on our range of movement, flexibility and comfort in many other areas.

In each class we pay attention to the body using slow methodical movements linked to the breath and conscious awareness. As we are all different, the approach will vary from individual to individual, but the aim is always the same: to work mindfully through a series of core movements and then take away the movements to practice them at home, until each one is mastered and you can move on.

Piece by piece we unravel what has happened to our bodies and challenge the movement of our joints, muscles, everything that makes us move, or holds us strong, to reverse the effects of a lifetime of abuse.

Anyone can join in. You work at your level, at your pace, paying attention to you own body.

Please contact me if you need more information or you would like to arrange a class.