Listening to the unconscious mind

Your unconscious mind thinks in pictures, a constant stream of images, ideas, thoughts.

Your unconscious mind is constantly throwing up these ideas, signals, warnings. Images borne out of our experience, our beliefs, values, and limitations. Often (most often) we ignore them and make what we think are rational conscious decisions. How often do we end up saying to ourselves β€˜i knew that was going to happen’ when it all goes wrong? And the less we listen, the less guidance we get.

But you can encourage your unconscious mind to trust you, by listening to it.

Start with an image, an apple, say, and explore the image and take whatever the unconscious mind throws up, enter into the detail – the colour, the texture, tiny blemishes, the skin, under the skin, the flesh….. deeper and deeper, all the way inside until you are seeing the tiniest detail your unconscious mind can supply.

Then go broadly into the vague, allow yourself to go on a journey. Allow your unconscious mind to direct the flow and follow it. Trust your unconscious mind to direct your train of thought. Learn to listen, and trust. The apple, grows on a tree, in an orchard…. follow it, all the way…. where do you end up?

And perhaps notice how the world of the very small, and the world of the very large are similar in many ways.

Trust your unconscious mind – it always has your best interests at heart πŸ™‚