What do you see?

We’ve often been told that in order to be loved and to love others we must first love ourselves, but maybe that’s not as easy as it sounds for many of us.

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Try this simple exercise every morning when you get up, just once a day.  It will help you learn to connect better with yourself, and start the day off on a positive note, whatever is to come.

  1. Look yourself straight in the eyes.
  2. Feel confident, and if you really don’t feel confident today, remember a time when you felt really confident and positive and step into those shoes for the moment.
  3. Take a deep breath, fill your lungs and let your ribcage expand,
  4. And say…..

I love you
I respect you
You are beautiful
You are strong.

You will probably feel a little awkward at first. This is because most of us are uncomfortable with ourselves, we’ve truly never connected, respected and accepted ourselves, no matter how much we protest that we have!

But stick with it, no matter how silly you feel. Within a few days you will find yourself saying the phrase with more meaning and belief, the feelings of confidence will become natural too and you might even begin to adapt the mantra to achieve an even stronger connection with the real you.

Be yourself. Love yourself…… then go love everyone else 🙂