Yoga-coaching: all round wellness

Setting aside any religious associations or affiliations, the ancient Buddhist teachings and yoga sutras have much to teach us in today’s fast-paced and stressful Western society. By combining meaningful philosophical teachings, NLP coaching and yoga, these sessions set out to provide a stepping stone on the path to happier, healthier, connected and harmonious living.  Yoga-coaching Read More

Your dreams are calling

One of my favourite expressions is ‘energy flows where focus goes’. Focus on the future, on your dreams. Visualise the future that you want, and imagine how you will feel when you achieve your goal. Your dreams are calling. Will you answer? Read More

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We are all on different journeys

When somebody hurts you by their words or their deeds, understand that it is merely a reflection of their own self, and has absolutely nothing to do with you. Everyone is going through their own shit. Everyone is on their own journey. Find a way to forgive them, so you can continue on your. Easier Read More

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Making sense with NLP

Nearly fifty years ago, at the height of space exploration, many astronauts were documented as having profound, transformational experiences as a result of looking at the Earth from a distance. This became a well-known side-effect of space travel and was labeled by journalists at the time as the ‘Lunar Effect’. This is an extreme example Read More

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