Personal breakthrough

There may be many areas of your life where you are already very successful, but you may have other areas however where you are not as successful as you would like to be. Personal breakthrough sessions are the opportunity to work on those areas where you would like to achieve greater success.

What is it that you really want, but don’t seem to be able to achieve?

A personal breakthrough session is a fast, intensive one or two day life coaching session. A quick way to achieve important, compelling and meaningful changes in yourself and your personal development, using powerful NLP techniques, Time Line Therapy® and sometimes hypnosis to assist you move yourself in the direction of your goals and desires today by removing the barriers that have been holding you back and giving you the resources and strategies you need and that will allow you to move forward easily, and with confidence.

Each personal breakthrough session is specifically tailored and built to serve your needs, and that means we work on whatever personal changes you want to make in yourself to achieve your goals in your personal or professional lives. It’s collaborative too, meaning that we will work together to help you decide on what your breakthrough goal is.

So what is it that you really want, but don’t seem to be able to achieve?

  • Increased performance at work?
  • A better salary?
  • Increased sporting performance, drive or determination?
  • More motivation, more get-up-and-go?
  • Just getting out of the rut you’re stuck in?
  • Removing limitations you have placed upon yourself?
  • Increased self confidence?
  • Improved self management or time management?
  • Overcome relationship difficulties, either with your partner, or in search of a new partner?
  • Let go of negative emotions like anger, hurt and guilt, among others?
  • Let go of phobias?
  • Stop smoking, lose weight, or simply stop bad habits?

Instead of wishing, perhaps now is the time to do something about it.

A personal breakthrough will normally take around 8 hours, which can be done over one or two days, depending on the issue. There will almost always be some sort of preparatory work, and follow up work to do after the breakthrough which is all part of the process.

All you need is a desire to change, and a willingness to do what is necessary!

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